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Each year we select 2-4 seniors to receive $1000 scholarships.  We have readers evaluate the 60-100 applications we receive and determine the best applications.  The membership then decides from these who will be the recepient of the scholarships.  The winners and their parents are invited to a potluck dinner to receive the scholarship.  We also invite previous winners back to tell us about their experiences.

Each month we do somthing smaller from the membership.  Things we have collected/donated include:

  • School supplies
  • Toiletries, socks and t-shirts and money for the food pantry for PADS (a homeless shelter)
  • Donations for Help Them to Hope (local fundraiser that distributes to various charities)
  • Collected books for kids and adult literacy
  • Support Literacy Volunteers of Lake Co through help at tables and donations
  • Donate $50 to speakers group (those that make a presentation at our meeting)
  • Help stuff and stamp envelopes for YMCA



We have an endowment fund for the scholarships.

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