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We work hard on our projects!

Our projects consist of both hands-on service and monetary support.  Many are programs we have been supporting for a number of years such as monetary support for Meal On Wheels, Literacy Coalition and our scholarships.  Some involve many of our members such as Living in the Real World (for eighth graders), Welcome to the Real World (for seventh graders) and Decorating the Seiberling Mansion for Christmas.  Some are long lived and handled by a few members such as the Wardrobe, Salvation Army Bell Ringing and the Mental Health Gift Lift.  Some are urgent and must be planned quickly as the need arises such as purchasing feminine hygiene products for the food pantry, providing lunch for Habitat for Humanity and assisting the Literacy Coalition with a used book sale.

Our monetary support including scholarships is budgeted at about $6,000.00 per year.  To do this our members also participate in fund raising projects including our Coffee & Cinnamon Rolls sale at a 1790's reenactment, our annual style show and decorating the hospital for Christmas.  All of our members are involved with these projects in some way.

Habitat for Humanity


Recent Habitat for Humanity            Altrusans prepared the meal serving the

Build                                                new owners & builders on Habitat Build

Helping Blue Star Mothers serve a fund raising meal
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