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Coat drive and give-away successful

During the months of Sept and Oct Quincy Altrusans gathered, mended, washed, sized, sorted and got ready to give coats away in November.

We successfully provided the community with coats for their children.  Each child that came also received a hat and some gloves or mittens and some got a scarf to help them keep warm during the winter.  Each child also received a book of their choice that helped keep them busy while waiting for their turn in line.  



Laura Keck was named the Member of the Year for Quincy.

She has been a member since 2013.  She is the Service Chair this year and did a super job at our Coat Give Away.  All this was done as she was expecting her second child and gave birth during the peak of getting things ready for the Coat Project.  She also had another child at home and holds down a full time job.  She can be counted on to complete whatever is asked of her.  She truly is our Member of the Year.

Jill Deege provided comments about Laura and presented her with the Member of the Year Award.


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Officers for 2016-2017 back row Jan Fritz, Ann Tierney, Cindy Humphrey front row: Jill Deege, Kathy Duffy, Neveta Salmons Absent was Jan Achelpohl
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